Accessing USB And CD Devices?

May seem like a stupid question, but I just can’t figure it out.

They just mount for me on the desktop. If I insert a USB Thumb Drive, it mounts, and if I insert a CD, it mounts.

For me they just worked.


There’s a mount menu on the Deskbar, you can mount USB devices from there and modify Haiku’s mounting behavior.

I get a “general systems error” when I try to mount a CD/DVD, and my USB drives won’t even show up.

Please also help with my WiFi problem in the other thread! I am an internet-24/7 person. If I can’t get internet I probably won’t use Haiku too much.

What is your hardware setup?

Hello nitt,

concerning your USB drives (I suppose you are using external HD and CD/DVD):

try changing the USB port - sometimes the port has not enough current capacity to supply your drive and it does not work correctly (and then the system can’t see or can’t mount it).

To check this try powering your USB external device (HD or CD/DVD) with some external supply.

If on the other hand you are trying to use normal USB-keys they should be automatically mounted (at any rate check the Mount settings concerning mount modes/options as suggested by MichaelPeppers: do on Desktop right-click-> Mount->settings…).

One more cause could be that the format of either CD/DVD or USB-key is not recognized - for example if I try to connect/mount a USB-key formatted with BFS (that is for Haiku) under Ubuntu/Linux the USB-key is not even recognized (then not mounted).

One last suggestion: check what you see running the “Drive setup” application of Haiku when the problematic devices are connected (Applications->DriveSetup)

Your WiFi problem: I will check if a I have the same WiFi problem on my Acer laptop (it has the same Broadcom chip but as far as I know it is indeed a Ethernet chip/card and NOT WiFi) - my WiFi chip/card on the Acer is a prowifi3945 (Intel) /check under Applications->Devices->Network controller/.

I hope this can be useful.

Best regards,

Roberto B.