Accessing Haikuware screws WebPositive

Greetings Haiku Forum:

Lately I have been in need of software for Haiku. What better place to look but Haikuware…well guess again, because everytime I try to go to it asks for a username and password. Of course I do not know them, so I just quit the dialog box, and voila I’m screwed. The browser becomes unresponsive, and I am unable to open it after closing the non-responsive browser. I try to kill the application, but Terminal asks for a job id and I do not know the job id. Then, I shut down haiku, and I have to kill WebPositive before it shuts down. luckily the dialog box that appears upon shutdown gives me the option to kill the application, and I do so…its really annoying.

Under the list of issues in the release, there is a brief article describing the problem:

#7793 WebPositive crash if authentication dialog is cancelled

but, they killed this ticket, and I cannot find any solutions to the problem. its very frustrating.

Haikuware is down acutally and nothing is wrong with web+ … Haikuware was recently subject to a breach in security and will be up running soon this week if all goes as planed hopefully more secure than it was!

Dunno why they killed your ticket… probably because they missunderstood.

Edit: Acutally your bug hasn’t been dismissed so no worries its at least 3 months old and they already know about it so it was marked as a duplicate of the older bug ticket and closed :slight_smile: thanks for the report though!

Here is a link to the proper ticket #7438.

Hey cb88, thanks so much for your reply, it was very helpful. Also, I am glad to hear that they are working in the bug. Thanks again for the help.

Hey richienyhus, thanks for the link, it helped. Cheers!

If you encounter this bug, there is no need to reboot Haiku, just clck on the process controller replicant in the deskbar ( the icon that shows memory and cpu usage). and highlight “Threads and cpu usage” then highlight WebPositive and click.and then click “Yes Kill this team!”

I can confirm this bug, and I can confirm that bbjimmy’s solution works.