Access to shared network drive on a winXP machine

Hi, this is my first attempt using a non-winXP OS!

So, i have an old laptop ( dell inspiron 5100 ) and decided to give Haiku a go.

So far, ive just been restarting the machine with the haiku installation cd, and going straight to the desktop, without installing.

I’m very happy to say everything works fine! Machine boots ok, Haiku loads nicely, ive used the browser to access the internet, and played video files from my existing winXP partition, without having to mess around with anything, which is great, superb job!

Theres just one thing more i want to do, but really have no idea about how to go about it.
( i have done a limited search through the forum and the online documentation without luck )

I have 3 other assorted pc’s, all running winXP, all with shared folders, all can see each other on my home LAN.

What i want to do, is to be able to access those shared folders, from within Haiku.
I just havn’t found any info about it in your documentation.

Your suggestions are appreciated!

For sharing files from Haiku, I enable ftp on haiku (boot/common/settings/network/services) and use a graphical FTP client on other platforms (eg. Filezilla for Windows).

Thanks for that, but are you telling me, that i am unable to play a video file located on a shared folder on another machine, without first downloading it via ftp? really?

I am not sure, but as far i know is vlc able to play videos from ftp servers.

No, I confounded streaming via ftp with access to a ftp server.

Haiku has NTFS read capability. Haiku might have NTFS as a built-in option somewhere. But you can try this add-on:

What you need is SAMBA - see

There was some info I found on a port done years ago, but it looks like it was never released.

I’ve queried HaikuPorts to see if Samba can be considered for porting.

There’s an old BeOS package on Haikuware you could try:

There was a Google Summer of Code project last year to add support for mounting Windows shares (CIFS) in Haiku. Unfortunately, the last update I’ve been able to find is from July 2009 stating that it was far from complete.

Does anyone know where this project stands now? It’s really the last bit of missing functionality keeping me from making Haiku my full time OS on my laptop.

Actually, rather than Samba, what you might be looking for is EasyMounter. Found it at Haikuware while searching for Samba at the following link:

From the page, About EasyMounter

A GUI application to mount Windows (cifs) shares.

Actually, a graphical front-end for the command-line program cifsmount.

Note: If you have WON or samba working, you don’t need this program.
(But i didn’t find WON really stable, that’s why i use this app! :slight_smile: )

What you’re really looking for is the smbclient. Dunno if EasyMounter will do the trick. It’s worth a shot.


EasyMounter is just a graphical front end to cifsmount. Unfortunately, there isn’t any CIFS support in Haiku yet. The Google Summer of Code project I mentioned earlier was to add cifs support to Haiku.

I asked about this on the mailing list and Bruno replied: “Obaro never completed his assignment so there is no useful code to look at.”

So it looks like we’ll have to wait until someone else decides to tackle this issue.

So try Samba from

Samba is server software which allows you to share files as a windows share. It doesn’t provide functionality for you to connect to existing windows shares from Haiku.

Also, the version on Haikuware was written for BeOS, and has not yet been tested for Haiku.

Try Samba 3.5.5 from here There should be smbclient which allows you to view existing windows shares from Haiku and smbget which works similar to ftp client and allows downloading from windows shares.