[ACCELERANTS] Intel SandyBridge

It would be great to have a hardware-accelerated optimizations support for SB too.

Here’s the (open source) FFDShow-related project: <a href=http://forum.doom9.org/showthread.php?t=162442>Intel SandyBridge hardware accelerated FFDShow decoder (H264/VC1/MPEG2)

Source code

Dunno if this can help in any way, but i believe that the author (Eric Gur, Processor Client Application Engineer @ Intel Corp.) could be also involved.

UPDATE: SF.net’s official website -> https://sourceforge.net/projects/qsdecoder/


  • Wicked fast and low power HW accelerated decoding using Intel’s QuickSync technologies.
  • Abstracts HW acceleration trickery – used like a standard SW decoder.
  • Time stamp correction.
  • Decodes variable frame rate video.
  • Inverse telecine.
  • Multi GPU or hybrid GPU support (Intel HW decoder + discrete renderer).
  • Very low overhead on top of pure DXVA solutions.
  • Open source and free for all (BSD license for the QuickSync decoder and GPL for FFDShow).

Fortunately for owners of Sandy Bridge based systems, haiku’s full time contract programmer Michael Lotz recently acquired a Sandy Bridge based laptop with which he does his haiku work. As a result we should eventually see some good compatibility with Sandy Bridge based systems. See


As I said replying to his post:
You’re massive man, I’m intimidated by you :slight_smile: !

But I suppose I’ve to use plural as all Haiku dev are “massives” so:
You’re massive men, I’m intimidated by you :slight_smile: !