About the International category


Posts in languages other than English.

Please prefix the topic with the language code ([PL] or [ES] or [FR]…) so that people can easily identify topics they can read.


This is zoo for noneglishes.


As stated in the other topic, when there are more than 1-2 posts per month in a language, we will add a subcategory for it.


I think:

There must be ‘main international’ and in it subdivision ‘english’ and ‘german’ and so on.
‘Main international’ must be mix of languages with equal rights.

Main forum must be international with mixed in free way languages, in other word adaptable to needs of the users (like in Youtube comments).


I already explained in the other thread why YouTube comments do not behave the way you seem to expect here, and why making the main forum a mix of all languages does not make sense either. Please respond there instead of repeating the same arguments here.


Anyway ‘international’ is not appropriate term (title) for the section of other than english language (as I understood you want to remove them from main forum, to purify it from non english languages).
‘international’ means “connected with or involving two or more countries” (from english dictionary).
Actualy, it is funny how this term counterparts from different languages is seen, and it means there different things, for instant in russian and lithuanian, than in english. I wonder why can not russians and americans understand each other? One talks about inter-etnicity contacts another about inter-goverments contacts!