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Ideas for the future of Haiku

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Window over all to get a priority window, WASM, and an improve in the Haiku Depot software(maybe integrate with haiku update)

There should at least be an option to prevent windows from leaving the desktop entirely, so for instance you can’t drag the tab out or the window just plain can’t leave and instead snaps to the the edges if dragged further and released.

I would like to see experimentation with an accelerated app server (vulkan) basically push as much of the drawing into the GPU as possible, in the past this was impractical but GPUs are increasingly programmable and AMD at least implements memory coherency which might be of use. Many of the arguments against it were based on the slow PCI/APG or early PCIe bandwidth and latency… while modern GPUs can’t even saturate PCIe 3 and PCIe 4 is already around the corner.

Accelerated video rendering. (preferable VCN and Quicksync).

Libdrm and kernel component port and Mesa updates

I think replicants can be developed into something more mature, for example, Haiku could have a default desktop configuration that is shipped as a stored layout of replicants but that can be completely overridden and personalized by the end user (as well as temporarily reverted to stock in the case of a guest user etc… ).

Deskbar would be come just a container that holds and manages replicants at that point… with interchangeable menus, task lists etc… the prototypes for future BeOS implementations were pretty far out there, but I think this would be fairly neutral and would allow maintaining the old way of doing things while growing new features organically.

Web assembly should stay in the browser period… so if webkit adds support it cool.

I think Haiku depot may be a bit of a time sink… so I don’t think additional people that could be developing thier own apps should focus on it further. It’s nice enough, not perfect but gets the job done at least and has a few nice features.

Edit: didn’t notice this was 3 years old oh well…