About Realtek RTL8812AE Wifi Card

Is working on haiku? It has drivers for it? i have installed haiku but wireless card is not detected and i don’t know if there is any driver package on haiku depot.


i think this card is not supported, but i not sure.

I found in antoher thread How supported are USB adapters? - #2 by nipos

a usb adapter which should work.

You can look at hardware.besly.de for supported hardware.

Regards lorglas

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That’s not a USB wifi Cars that’s a pci wifi card

I think the wifi adapter is intended as an alternative here.

I have not seen any wireless cards with AE support. At least none has been reported for our hardware list so far (link above).

From an lspci this is a realtek rtl8812AE. The model from Asus is PCE-AC51.

Yes, the link to the usb wifi card was an alternative.