About Num Lock


I would say many thanks you for all works done for revive BEos . and i’ve a question.
I haven’t found how enabled “Num Lock” on boot , for my laptop.
Someone can help me.

That’s something that never happened for BeOS. It would take a small program that injects a fake press of the numlock key to turn it on at startup. I don’t know if Haiku has a better way of doing it.


thank agmsmith

I’m a little surprise , this feature exist on others OS’s

Hi tatoomi,

there was a tiny tool for BeOS by Edmund Vermeulen that apparently still exists: NumLock
The archive contains the source and a version for x86 and ppc. Just put the NumLock_x86 into ~/config/settings/boot/launch and NumLock will be activated on every boot-up.

The best solution would be for Haiku to just remember those key settings when it shuts down…
My enhancement-ticket sense is tingling…


hi humdinger,

thank you for link.
I think so the solution is memory those key settings when it shut-down.

Or get it ready-packaged


Even better
Thank michel