About keystore_database file

Hello. I have a question about the keystore_database file, located at /boot/home/config/settings/system/keystore/

I know that Haiku uses this file to store the credentials for the wireless connection. Besides this, Haiku uses this file for something else?

I ask because I was able to fix an issue with the wireless connection by deleting the keystore_database. However, I would like to know the potential risks, in case that I need to do it again.


It can be used for every software that wants to store keys. For example Quaternion (a matrix qt client) uses a qt library that is implemented on this Haiku api.

Instead of deleting it there ought to be a tool to delete just the key that is interfering with your setup, or better fixing the bug entirely.

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You can add remove or delete keys with the command line tool, the problem is know their names before doing it. Try keystore --help in terminal. You may find some examples in old wifi threads.

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I have a WIP native UI application for accessing keystore (like Apple’s Keychain access), but it doesn’t yet allow you to modify or delete the saved passwords, and I have not made it public yet. I’ll post a link to repo later today after uploading it to GitHub.

edit: Here is the link: GitHub - ilzu/KeystoreAccess: A simple tool to access Haiku Keystore.