About Java and Python apps

Hi. I would like to ask what could be the criteria for Java or Python apps. I’m not sure if that belongs to HaikuPorts (after all, there is nothing to recompile). Usually, this apps only need a little bash script to launch it in Haiku.

Maybe we can create a list of apps in this post. What do you think?

You can find many Python based programs in the Depot. They can have extensive list of dependencies, this means it is easier to install them from Depot.

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There is an entire repository for HaikuDepot dedicated solely to Java apps, all tested and working.

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HaikuPorts is not really about compiling source code, it is about generating packages for software. Compiling source code happens to be part of this, but packaging deals with much more (copying files to proper places, dependency management, applying patches, creating start icons, generating resources like icons or images, uninstalling etc.).

I’m not sure whether your proposal is to use some different service for generating packages for “Java or Python apps” or not to package them at all. But I don’t see any reason for both of those.

Also what exactly do you mean by Java or python app? If you are talking about the single file Python script you sometimes run from command line it probably is fine without a package. But same is probably true for a similar simple C program you can compile with a single call to gcc. But most more complex applications have a non-trivial install consisting of multiple files and dependencies.

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Haikuports is the only way to get things in the official haikudepot. You are not correct for Java, there ARE things to compile there (using javac to compile .java sourcecode into .class bytecode), however it is also possible to create a package directly from existing .class files, since Java runs in a virtual machine and that means the same .class files can be reused in different systems.

Anyway, please create ticket at haikuports for things you would like to see packaged there. That’s better than a forum post for such things.

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Thanks for all of your answers. I didn’t noticed the “java” and “python” categories already at Haikuports repo. My apologies.

This thread can be closed then. :+1: