About Haïku packages and Haïku network

Hi all,

First of all, what’s a very nice new site!! Thank you for that :wink:

My 1st question: about application
Is there a list of Haïku packages (such as http://www.openbsd.org/4.0_packages/i386.html for OpenBSD 4.0) and what is the system for install them ?
For example, on OpenBSD, we just need to enter this command: pkg_add <package_url><packages_name>
And on MacOS, we just need to drag and drop (very powerful system).

My last question: about network
As I had read, Haïku haven’t a very well understand with network protocol… But when do you think it’s will be okay (like on *BSD or Linux system) ?

Thank you.

  1. No list of applications.
    The main site for BeOS software is http://www.bebits.com

Some programs on Bebits are outdated or no longer available, but this is the best place to start looking for a program. (use the search or browse the files)

Check out:
for BeOS software links (to other sites).

  1. To install the programs:
    Usually they are in zip format & have a readme file.
    You’ll have to unzip & then copy them to the right folders or move the files/folders to the right directories.
    Very few programs are .pkg & these will install automatically.

Not hard to install, but takes a bit of time to do it (be happy you only have to do it once though).

  1. Haiku Networking is the last thing to get done. It is only at 44% right now. You won’t get networking working, so best to wait till network stack hits 85%.

Haiku is still in the alpha stage.