About fullscreen apps with exclusive focus

this is a fuction that bugs me in most operating systems
that cause a user to have to hard boot the system without
there really being anything wrong at all
expample: your running half-life 2 and it goes to access the internet
zonealarm sends up a pop that steals focus
half-life2 has exclusive screen focus
neither app can have access to the input devices
you can’t bring up the taskmanager and kill the offending apps
so you have to hard boot the system
this also happens on linux sometimes
your playing lbreakout2 and kalarm used to pop stealing focus with
a notification message saying one of your alarms has gone off
neither app can take input control you can’t minize the current
app that has full screen (lbreakout2) and you can’t even alt
tap to a different console to run Top to kill programs
so you have to hard boot the system

I my idea is just don’t include a function for apps to have exclusive
focus while in fullscreen apps don’t NEED it at all ever
and if you right it into the system developers will use it
let fullscreen ups lose focus like any other program
its sucking in the that you may lose a life in your game
when your firewall messages you >< but you won’t
corrupt your download running on the system tray
or lose your open work because you had to hard boot
your pc for a stupid app interface conflict either

There’s a thread on this:


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the subject is a little different this is about weither a program
needs the ability to exclusively retain focus at all
without the ability of another application to steal or even
minimize the application at all its the opposite of the other thread
and also lol too late I don’t have a delete fuction XD
but anyway do fullscreen apps like games really need
such direct access to the input devices that when they crash
you can’t get to a task managing app to terminate them?

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