About code audit

I don’t want to rush you because you must be busy with Beta2, but I will have a question.

a code audit was done a few months ago, I saw that fixes had been made (system call, …).
I would have liked to know if you are going to do another one, and is there a follow-up page.

Which “code audit” are you referring to here?

We re-ran some static analyzer scans (PVS-Studio, Coverity, …) a few months ago and fixed some bugs as a result, yes, but there was no formal audit.

yes, it is indeed this static analyzer (PVS), to which I refer.
Sorry I understood that it was an audit.
Is there a page / report that allows you to follow the evolution?

I ended up finding:

Thank you

By searching for “PVS” at our git, you’ll see all fixing commits, as the PVS number is bound to be part of the commit message:


Thank you
I found that too:


I can contact the PVS team and request a new scan if we want to. Do you all think enough time has passed since the previous one or we fixed most of the issues?

At least it looks like there are a number of un-evaluated ones, to me? Probably we should take a look again after the beta. (There’s also a new Coverity run to look at.)