I am currently reading the source code of Haiku and came across “B_TRANSLATE_MARK”.
I checked http://api.haiku-os.org/classBCatalog.html but did not find any explanation
related to B_TRANSLATE_MARK there.

Could anyone tell me what is its meaning and where is its definition located? Thanks.

Check Catalog.h


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Glad I could help. :smiley:

However I was hoping someone else would jump in with a description in plain English. :S

From my understanding,

B_TRANSLATE_MARK is a “marker function which is used to mark a string/id
which will be translated elsewhere in the code” according to the comment in
Catalog.h. It is a macro defined to be equivalent to BCatalogAddOn::MarkForTranslation
((str), B_TRANSLATE_CONTEXT, “”) which simply returns the first argument “str”.

Any comments are welcome.