Abiword work very partially (i can just activate menus) but gives a general error

I download Abiword Alpha2 from here: http://haikuware.com/directory/view-details/productivity/word-processors/abiword-alpha-2

It start correctly (as you can see from this link, i can click on menu and options)


but an error window deny to me to use it… There is a way to look inside the code to make it full working with Haiku?
The fact that it start seems to be a good start point for a Word Processor to use in Haiku!

ABIWord is a great word processor. It used to work on BeOS. Porting the newer version would be a great weekend project for someone who would like to add a word processor to Haiku. Source code is here:

There are ABIWord people who can answer questions.

I agree with you, and as i’ve said (obviously in my humble opinion) the fact that it start and that we can interact with menus, is a good start point!

There is some developer/coder here, for an opinion?

An info Abiword is written in the ugly Qt?

No, Abiword, at least for linux, is written in GTK.

So we’ve to do a native porting… good work for someone if one is annoyed during summer holidays :slight_smile:
Well I suppose in this way we’ve a better work!