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In the past there were recipes using libjpeg >= 9 to force the recipe to use libjpeg, libjpeg has been obsoleted by jpeg-turbo, now those recipes remaining still build against libjpeg need to be rebuild against jpeg-turbo (as it’s a common library so I presume there will be others we missed during the transition to jpeg-turbo

Danke Dir, aber das hatte ich schon verstanden.
Ich meinte das dahinter > dahinter (dem Link) in:

With all due respect, this is a bad idea to simply delete a dependency. Both runtime libs can coexist. Rebuilding everything is just more work for haikuports maintainers, but this point is simply ignored by some people.


Indeed it is, now we’re chasing after changes made that come up now, for now I haven’t touched any (recent) changes to the wrong libjpeg version, that decision has been made by others

Please try again, lib:libjpeg-9.3.0 should be available again.


It hakelt everywhere …

Es ist leider gar nicht so. Pakete wird neukompilirt nur wenn ihre Rezepte geändert is, und nur die welche geändert ist.

HaikuPorts kann nicht stabilität garantieren für Pakete von 3. Anbietern, teilweise Wegen technisches Gründen, teilweise weil wir entweder nicht wissen, das irgendwelche Paket von 3. Anbieter abhängig von etwas was wir eben entfernen (wie könnten wir?), oder weil wir auch Menschen sind und wir machen auch Fehlern.

Mit höchstem respekt ich verstehe die frustration, aber nicht die bösheit.
Also wir werden jederzeit sagen das Haiku stabil genug wenn es uns passt, und gleichzeitig werden wir sagen, es ist beta, rechne mit probleme wenn es uns passt.

Lösungsvorschlag wäre dann: lernt euch wie Haiku und die Pakete management funktioniert, wie man Rezepte schreibt, wie Java funktioniert, usw und hilft da wo ihr könnt. Ja, es ist schwer, ja man muss viel lernen, ja, es ist nicht immer Spass.

Welche Böswilligkeit???

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Thank you, Korli!
OpenJDK11 is installed!

I really don’t know if I will continue with this …
… but when I think of the post from PulkoMandy and now think of the (now) elektrowerk, probably not!

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Dieser eine Satz, mit den so kombinierten Aussagen (“Mit höchstem respekt ich verstehe die frustration, aber nicht die bösheit.”) könnte vielleicht ein Interpretations- oder Übersetzungsfehler sein?

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Admin, it’s better to put a lock in front of it!

I added a recipe for Ancestris at Haikuports, works if OpenJDK doesn’t crash on startup.


Wahrscheinlich habe ich etwas viel zu sensitive angenommen oder falsch verstanden. Englisch und Deutsch ist nicht meine muttersprache.

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We are all only people, doing what we can, no need to add frustrations to it :slight_smile:
Wir sind alle nur leute, machen was wir können, ist nicht notwendig um bösheit dabei zu stellen (mein Deutsch ist nicht mehr so gut) :slight_smile:
Most of the reactions are ment to be in the best way possible, @korli thanks for stepping in!!!

Thank you for your efforts, Korli!

a - OpenJDK11 installed
b - Ancestris 10 installed from HaikuDepot
c - start then error message (Ancestris_Korli1.png)
d - 2nd start (leave error message like this!) Ancestris (10) starts (Ancestris_Korli2.png)

After exiting Ancestris 10 (with and without rebooting)
e - Start Ancestris 11 (latest), error message (different from V10)
f - 2. Start (leave the error message as it is!) Ancestris 11 starts, but ‘opens’ in a mini-mini-window in the top left corner of the screen.
I almost missed it!
Ancestris11-latest.png shows it after expanding and maximizing it.

Ancestris 11 did not exhibit this behavior until after installing Ancestris 10 from the Haiku Depot.

I did not install Ancestris 11, but ‘only’ unzipped it in a directory on the desktop!Ancestris_Korli1 Ancestris_Korli2 Ancestris11-latest

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Ancestris 10 is the stable version,
Ancestris 11 is the latest version (updated daily, nightly)

Besides a bird’s feather, there are similarities between haiku and ancestris (stable and nightly, free, volunteer team and helpers) …

With the stable version of Ancestris you are missing some really interesting new features!

In return, I am happy to accept a short-term instability!
Some time ago Haiku64 crashed after an update. I returned to a previous installation and the next day the cause of the crash was history!

Ancestris11-Haiku64 no longer starts (2nd start) in full screen, but in the window after I installed Ancestris10 from the HaikuDepot.
After ‘Continue’ (signature) and restart Ancestris11, the newer colorfule Apache NetBeans Updater pops up, although it has not been installed.


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Whoever installs the Ancestris10 version under Haiku64 from the HaikuDepot, or downloads the daily version Ancestris11 (latest) directly from, has to start it (at least at the moment) a second time - after the error message and leave this standing. Otherwise he won’t see this great software!

The behavior of Ancestris (under Haiku32Bit) after the 2nd start is completely different!
Should i stop?
Is it getting boring?

I haven’t used/checked it, but your reports on it are great, this will tell eventual new users on what they can expect, thanks for that!

The problem was that when there are two implementations of a library it’s a bit unpredictible which one will be used. But indeed the way this was handled until now is not at all appropriate and very annoying.

Let’s do it in a better way then :slight_smile:

For ICU where I have a similar problem, I have deleted the _devel package (only) for the old version. This means nothing can be built using it anymore, but the main package is still there so existing dependencies are still working. We can see later about removing the main package when everything has been migrated (this will probably need some tool to scan the package repo for remaining dependencies).