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Haiku is a free (open source) operating system, but it is still used for professional software (preferred over Windows, MacOS, Linux):

Or am I misinformed?

Tunetracker Radio Automation ist schon seit be OS dabei. Die sind bei haiku, also be OS Nachfolger, geblieben.

Das System ist umsonst, deren Software kostet Geld. Es sollte mehr davon geben.

Mit der Alpha 4.1 kam das erste mal haiku auf dem stick “Discovery haiku”, wenn ich mich recht entsinne. Mit dem os und diversen Testptogrammen

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There are good reasons for them to prefer Haiku.
Haiku can run on average hardware which is reducing cost of a global solution.
They can redistribute Haiku with their software.
It is also true for linux but, for broadcaster time is essential. You can’t afford an interruption of several hours in maintenance. And if for whatever reasons you have to reboot your system Haiku is way faster than the other three. While you’re still waiting them to shutdown correctly, Haiku is already operational again.
If the problem is more serious, they can come to IRC chat or on the forum to ask for help when they want. They know that they will be welcome and that devs will do what they can to help them.
Another point is that BeOS was designed with media in mind from start and so is Haiku. As a result, media treatment is also faster.

Dane Scott/Tuntracker are already active in the forum, Dane pops up every now and then on IRC :slight_smile:

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Yes, they often do.
They help a lot reporting things to bug tracker.
The thing is when they have a hardware that work, they stick to that. So, once general problems solved (ie a bug in ffmpeg), it mostly help to improve stability on that specific hardware.
Unfortunately, their needs differ from average users. We want 3D, big screens, ability to run another OS and others things they don’t need. We are also more RAM and processor hungry to run apps like office suites.

More there will be native and powerful Haiku apps, more professionals will be interested by Haiku. The video editor software prepared by Zenja will be a good example of what Haiku can offer. It will certainly draw some attention.


Seconding boot times – on my Inspiron 2200 laptop from the later XP days, it boots up in maybe a few seconds, minutes faster than Linux does.

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