A small script to easily switch nightly hrev

After a bug in the latest nightly with zsh I checked what the process was switching back to an earlier revision. I found the process to switch back and forth a bit cumbersome so I made a small bash script that lists the nightlies and lets you easily switch with a few keys.

Hopefully this is useful for somebody.

On GitHub

Edited with a current screenshot explaining the effects.


Nice thing, could be helpful for lots people at the moment I think :slight_smile: :ok_hand:

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The idea is intereting, however keep in mind that this aproach might conflict with the native one and fill up the state directory if you keep re-downloading the versions instead of using them from old state directories.

To be clear: I suspect this to be a problem, i am not sure of it.

: )

IIRC if the packages are already somewhere in state directories, pkgman should reuse them and only create the txt file. So, it wouldn’t hurt so much.

Wait there’s a native another native method that is not the one described here? I am sorry for the state of confusion, I am really just getting back into this.

All the script above does is get a list of available hrevs and prepare the command as described above .

Chose the right state at boot time. It’s less convenient but usually, problems are fixed in a week or two at max and, you don’t have to do it many times. The problem is that a lambda user may not know what state to chose. For this particular case having hrev indication in the state selector would be better that actual date and time.


The instructions are a bit confusing, they will make a repository configuration that will prevent upgrading in the future.

The “easy” solution is:

  • Look into /system/packages/administrative/
  • find the state_* dir with the old package
  • install it with pkgman with a path to the file
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We’ll prevent updating is what we want at this point, until user reverts to current. Makes me think I should make this an option

Please add a warning to the top post if that is the case, it is not clear from your post that this would be a consequence of using the script

I changed the script itself to have options for stable current and specific hrevs. I updated the shot in first post to reflect that.