A review of Haiku and what I think should be made priority

As a set of C developers, Team Black Fox very much appreciates the work of Haiku, I (Black Fox, founder) use Magnussoft Zeta currently on my legacy x86 boxes. Haiku does intrigue me, BUT there are a number of things I’d like to suggest be made priority:

Multi-User support - Magnussoft Zeta’s 1.51 release supports this - I think adding that as well as a root/baron user would vastly improve security and familiarity. In Haiku’s current state, this aspect reminds me of DOS or AmigaOS, two OSes that do not support multi-user.

LLVM support - as a C developer I HIGHLY prefer to use Clang/LLVM as I find it handles errors better. I tried compiling it on Haiku R4 but because the main compiler is GCC 2.95 it refused to build. I could not find a way to use GCC 4, but that may be just me being stuck in UNIX land where you can change environment variables easily.

x64 support - I think after the x64 port is usable ( currently it kernel panics ), you should change the primary focus to that, but thats just my opinion as most users have legacy x86 boxes as secondary machines. In my case, I keep hardware till it fails catastrophically or I sell it, but I am not the norm, I suppose.

Anyways, love the work thus far. I hope to contribute some software, but I’m the only developer who shows interest outside of UNIX/Linux currently.

~Black Fox

Try nightly builds.

We have Clang 3.4 in HaikuPorts (and HaikuDepot) - http://bb.haikuports.org/haikuports/wiki/Home

On Alpha4 use setgcc x86 gcc4 in Terminal ;-).

After PM we have setarch command.

You need to read a little more about Haiku…

  1. Multi-User support IS planned but won’t make it till after R1.
  2. There’s a working port of Clang as mentioned.
  3. x64 is already useable but there isn’t a way to run 32 bits programs in there, yet. Recently, IIRC, PulkoMandy was able to compile WebPositive (our web browser) for x64. The focus won’t change to x64 / gcc4 being the primary compiler at least until R1 is out. Same with multi-user amongst other things.

– louisdem

If nothing else, I can comment about using GCC4 on the hybrid…

I also had an amazingly hard time getting the haiku-x86-gcc2-hybrid to compile things using gcc4. As it turns out, there is a command which will allow you to switch between active compilers.

The following command will display the current target architecture:


You can use the following command to set it to using GCC4 instead:

setarch x86

To verify that you do have the correct compiler active try:

gcc --version

And after the above command, you should be seeing some variant of gcc4.

Hope that helps!

Sorry about that on Clang guess I didn’t look hard enough. I’m so used to UNIX as I use FreeBSD and Linux much more often than BeOS/Zeta so I am not as familiar with the ZETA shell.

No need to be rude - I’m a UNIX veteran but by comparison of 7 years in UNIX, I have relatively off/on experience with the BeOS family. I’ll admit beginner’s mistake.

And so no multi-user support until R1? I guess there are other priorities after reading the GSOC ideas (No, I’m not a student, just seemed one of the best “to-do” lists.) I’ll have to take a crack at some compiling with Clang. Thanks for the responses.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to sound rude.
And by the way, Welcome! :slight_smile:
Yes, as mentioned, we have a way to change the default compiler on a gcc2h build and you can use that (please see comments above).
Thanks to the work of, I believe, Jonathan, we have a port of Clang.
PulkoMandy is working on improving WebPositive.
Your work (software) will be highly appreciated. Having said that I’m no coder. Just a guy who likes Haiku too much! :wink:

– louisdem

Hi Team Black Fox,

as you are a unix veteran i guess you would be able to build your own nightly. :wink:

Because if so… you would benefit from all the stuff wich is not “offical” in the nightlys
There are several things like indexed search or even an experimental multiuser support:
Just take a look here:

There is a old apps wich maybe can also help with multiuser :wink:


as reported x64 is booting but… there are some drivers and a lot of sutff missing.

If you try to port stuff, just join the porting mailing list or just enter the #haiku irc chat they will help you :slight_smile:

We’ll see. I’m a UNIX veteran in the sense I know how to do almost anything with the OS EXCEPT coding, and I know how to RTFM. Coding is one of the last things I have to learn on my list - and while I know some stuff, look at my GitHub contributions, I’m still pretty inexperienced.