A new stellar asset to help HaikuOS devellopement

As i see, in the cryptocoins market, ICOs are growing fast and makes a lot of money quickly.

Also it becomes very easy to create a new sub-token on the stellar network. This is called an asset.

For example, the HaikuStore (package-manager) sold its software only in the HaikuCoins currency : this could accelerate the HaikuOS development by helping the haiku-devellopers via an HaikuCoins salary, and it would also encourage the application developers to put their freewares in the HaikuStore instead of other “linux-software-stores” because they will earn an automatic percentage each-time a user buys an Haiku paid app.

sorry i don’t speak english well.

Without going into crypto-currencies, the HaikuDepot could implement something similar to the Elementary OS AppCenter, which has a “Pay What You Want” system that allows the developers to specify a default amount of money, and allow the users to change that value to any other sum, including 0.

This way there won’t be any limitations to getting the software, but it would easily allow people to reward the developers with as much as they want, and Haiku can get a small percentage off the transaction.

P.S. Check out the AppCenter Spotlight: 2017 Wrap Up.

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But the avantage of creation of a new haikucoin token is the presale ico where haiku could sell millions of tokens. Once haiku receive these coins, they will be able to speed up the haikuos develpment by more fulltime developers.
This needs a clean new website that presents haiku as a future operatingsystem, withepaper, etc…
Of course you’ll have also to find something that encourage people to own haikucoins. Package-manager was just an example.

Why a new website when this one works just fine?


Haiku will need a dedicated subdomain to promote his new cryptocoin.
Something like :

What is failed to be realized is that crypto currency has NO VALUE WHATSOEVER, if it cannot be traded for something. Even BTC would be worthless if it didn’t have value in Fiat.

If this “HaikuCoin” (worthless) were to be created, it must have some outside value. And that value is determined by another existing coin that has known value.

Most ICO’s are based around trading Ethereum (known value) for the worthless coin. That gives the vender their money. Problem is, when or how will the worthless become valued?

As I see it, “HaikuCoin” would become like a stock, its value determined by the progress of Haiku developers and the overall progress of Haiku itself.

But in order for HC to have any monetary value, it must be traded on an exchange. That requires promotion and perceived value.

I’d be more than happy to invest $25-$50 in Bitcoin, or other coin supported by Coinbase, towards HaikuCoin, if/when it’s made available.

Why not just send that money directly to a dev or Haiku?

I like crypto! :smiley:

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As a developer, I can tell you that:

  1. I already have a job
  2. I won’t quit it for something where I’m paid in anything else than euros, which I can actually use, even if it’s for working on Haiku :slight_smile:

Also, it’s Haiku not HaikuOS.

If you want to tip some Haiku developers, feel free to donate some money on Liberapay. This is something we may think about integrating in the depot?

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I’ve been really considering to launch an HaikuCoin, just for fun. If a project like that was welcome by other users, we should not care at the begin about the price. The coin can be created as a symbolic value project, then implementing an actual use over it may create the price.

Does one have to respect trademarks in this case?

Almost certainly can be figured into fair use.

Plenty of sites exist that can create a free crypto coin, if you want to go that route. But we need to decide a solid “business plan” for it, if it’s to work and be respected.

If this “coin” is to have any real-world value, it cannot be just a “merit coin” (worthless trinket). If it is to be used to pay for developer tasks, then it MUST have real-world value. And that would only come via exchanges.

Spending known value (BTC, Ethereum, etc.) for something of unknown or no value (HaikuCoin), is a bad choice, unless someone is willing to accept those coins in trade for development. But they would only do that, if the coins they’re accepting have real-world value, in one way or another.

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