A message to all Haiku developers (read in spare time)

I am a Linux user. Glad to be a Linux user, and until recently, I was quite the Linux purist. THen I booted a Haiku LiveCD. It blew me away! I love the GUI, the core, I especially love the terminal. I never tried BeOS in my life, but Haiku is really special. This message is to Haiku developers to say, DON’T BE ANOTHER SKYOS! Don’t start out with a good idea, then as soon as you get something bootable you quit. Don’t. Nor do I want to see you make one final release and quit. I know Haiku has a little more backing, but if developers go missing, haiku will just die. I am writing this on A1 with the Atheros driver installed, in case you were wondering. Haiku has an amazingly powerful environment and GUI in around 700MB of installed space. Now that’s pretty special. I would like to join the developers, but I already maintain various dumb utilities across the net, like SpeedNT and OldExplorer and GeekDOS (the latter my flagship thing.) If I get more free time, I will wish to join.

The point of my message:

You have something REALLY great here. Greater than some of you know. Do not fizzle out! I don’t mean one release, I mean you could be the next penguin if you try hard enough. Coming from a Linux user.


Hi bendib!

I’m sure the devs are delighted to hear your praise! Rest assured, after 10 years of toiling away, nobody is considering giving up. If anything, the guys are eager to get R1 out so they can move on to implementing all the ideas they dreamed up over the years.