A little hack of NetPositive

Finally, TLS support with NetPositive. It’s a little rocky running self-hosted, but it works! Downloads in the article.


I will give it a whirl I have a 9500 with dual 604e’s so I can tell you what a better/faster dual processor machine is like speed wise.

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I would be very interested to hear. I’m hopeful the speed is better, though it wasn’t too bad on my 6500/275 (just had to reload pages now and then).

So finally got round to trying it. Yeah not too shabby.

It totally pegged both processors, but the OS is still usable while the page loads.


Excellent! I’m glad it worked decently enough considering the hardware.

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Cryanc/carl is updated to 2.2 on BePower. This has some bug fixes, so it’s worth the update. You can just replace carl, you don’t need to replace NetPositive+ or inetb.