A little bit of praise for WebPositive

Most of the time Web+ gets mentioned it is in the context of problems, shortcomings and general criticism (which from a pure user perspective is quite understandable in my view).

Today, as a contrast, I´d like to mention a thoroughly positive experience with Web+. Just for the fun of it I´ve made a web version of my game Peggy. It mainly uses an HTML canvas element and JavaScript (with JQuery) for drawing, and Bootstrap 5 for layout. Works flawlessly and without limitation in Web+, every feature I´ve used works exactly like described in the specs.


FWIW, WebPositive is always on here, main browser is still Falkon, but even that has some issues and then WebPositve can just fill that gap. :slight_smile:


Webpositive written as a native software for haiku-os…with all it’s shortcomings as of today, on haiku-os, this will be THE browser in future
Will the gnome / KDE browsers, sereneity’s browser, otter,dooble, etc for haiku-os be releigiously maintained in future, forever?
I doubt…because, how many browsers came and went…when it is new, everybody will show some interest hoping it will meet their expectations…when it does not, or stops meeting their requirements, they tend to fade away…some can be only a hobbyist’s browser, never it will be used for serious work

Opera, midori, vivaldi, konqueror…maybe Bravo is still in use…not sure
Really hoping that the GSOC student will really do something marvellous to webpositive…

I mentioned WebPositive filling the gap for things that other browsers can’t do (or not stable enough), I hope so too WebPositive will come to a point one day we want need other browsers for the things we need them now, so for now it’s good to have alternatives. :slight_smile:

Polar opposite here. Web or Otter only where Web+ doesn’t work. :slight_smile:


Today, qtwebkit upgraded to 5.12…something…
Thinking that otter may work better now, I installed it again
When I iopen the Haiku-os forum page, it says your browser is not supported.

Was it working before? Only update on the qtwebkit was a dependency for ICU and some build fixes.

Don’t worry about it and consider this quote from Bjarne Stroustrup (about programming languages, but I guess it applies to web browsers just as well):

There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses

So, the complaints are a proof that people do use WebPositive and care about it :slight_smile: