A keyboard-controlled/mouseless haiku

Forgive me if this sounds silly U^_^

Okay, so the reason I’m bringing it up is because I have a strong preference for tiling WMs in BSD
and I’m wondering if it’s possible to have a similar mechanism in haiku (or if it’s possible to tweak
it to behave in a similar manner)

Generally speaking, tilling WMs are quite keyboard heavy, sometimes even not needing a mouse at all.
I rather like that setup. . . What I mean is, if it’s possible to have more keyboard shortcuts, for
example, a shortcut to stack or tile windows like normal, or shortcuts to tile windows vertically or
horizontally, taking up the whole screen, similar to xmonad. And of course, the ability to resize and get in and out of floating mode.
Another one I’d find useful is to be able to call up the deskbar (if it’s on autohide) or make it active (if it’s not). Normally I’d have to put my mouse in the deskbar to use it, so I think it’d be useful if, for example, you could call it up and navigate through it with keyboard alone.

tl;dr version: I think it’d be neat if there was an option to do everything or at least most things that normally needs input from the mouse or trackpad just a keyboard

Believe it or not, I (sort of) have a rationale for suggesting it (. . . if I even sound rational at all :)) Honestly, before haiku is ready for truly being a great desktop, I think it has a great place on netbooks or notebooks because it’s very easy on resources, it installs and starts up with no fuss (who wants to create and edit elaborate config files for a 10-inch screen that you’ll only use for simple things like web surfing and word processing XD) and it’s still very robust.

Because of the size, going from trackpad to keyboard can be distracting and fiddly less fast than if you could just keep your hands on the keyboard (I can’t really explain this part well, sorry. . . ) I suppose this is true for laptops in general as well?

Anyway, I know Haiku is NOT a netbook OS, so I’m sorry if it sounds silly and impractical. (Although I just realized that netbooks are nothing if not something for personal computing, another reason I think haiku fits in well with it) I’m new to haiku and non-windows things in general, but I’ve been using one of the nightly isos from alpha 3 for a while (currently downloading alpha 4.1) and these are just my observations about it :slight_smile:

As a fellow keyboard junkie, it would be nice to see some expansion of the Haiku keyboard shortcuts…

Try looking here:


and http://www.haiku-os.org/docs/userguide/en/gui.html#open-save-shortcuts

One thing that isn’t too clear, is whether you think tiling per se is good for 10 inch screens, or it’s more specifically about keyboard controls. I’ve never used it, that I recall.

There are some keyboard controls. will get you a little window that selects the foreground application. Some applications (Terminal, anyway) will take to rotate the foreground window within the application.