A good Haiku mouse

My Dell mouse has not been working well on Haiku lately, and I need a new one. Can anyone recommend a mouse that is well suited for Haiku (64 bit)?

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My logitech m720 worked well with Haiku installed on real hardware, if using the 2.4GHz receiver (didn’t test it with bluetooth).

I suspect most mice should work just fine with Haiku.

I bought a Logitech M100 corded for $10 at my local Target store. I wasn’t aware that wireless w/dongle worked on Haiku! Good to know.

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Wireless with an included dongle just appears as a normal wired USB HID device. These even worked in BeOS to some extent - I had a wireless PS/2 set instead with a split cable which worked perfectly.

There’s no bluetooth HID support currently. I have a Logitech Triathlon with 2x Bluetooth pairings and a dongle which is great for jumping between devices.

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Yeah, the Logitech mice (including the m720) are great for switching between devices. Mine has 3 pairings, and it’s so useful just being able to switch between devices at a click of the button.

Wireless 2.4 GHz Defender works well, except back and forward buttons does not works as expected by default.