A few questions regarding rotation

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m intending to try Haiku on all manner of devices.

I have had success so far on my current 5950x Windows beast, my second 3900x PC, my older 4770k windows box from about 10 years ago, a slot 478(?) Pentium 4 3.2GHz from about 20 years ago - with 32 bit gcc2.

A dual core Atom 330 - 64 bit and a single core AIO Micro PC with Atom 160 and a 1024x600 LCD - 32 bit (this one was a bit of a chore to get working because the BIOS said NO)…

The problem is the Atom 160, while screen displays OK, the touch panel is rotated through 90 degrees.

Is there an xrandr equivalent for Haiku? I would really love to get this tiny all in one micro PC touch screen working… I’d be happy to document the process for posterity, too…

Now, moving on,I want to try it on something a little more esoteric… I have both a GPD Pocket 1 & 2 running windows 10 & 11 respectively. Two seemingly ideal, low power machines.

I searched the forums, but stuff from about 2 years ago mentioned the entire screen, not just the touch panel is rotated.

I’m just wondering if things have progressed in this department in the last two years. Is it worth even trying these two edge-cases wrapped in aluminium?

TIA. Grax.

I can’t help with your rotation problem, I haven’t found a solution yet and I’m not sure if that’s even possible on Haiku.
But I have a GPD Win (version 1).
These are even smaller than GPD Pocket, they have more or less the size of a large smartphone.
I try every release of Haiku on it, so far without much luck.
With Beta 4, the screen is still 90 degree rotated with no idea how to fix it.
The touchscreen doesn’t work at all, same for the joysticks on the keyboard, which can be used to move the mouse cursor on OpenBSD.
With both things not working, Haiku isn’t really usable on it.
In previous versions, the Wifi also didn’t work, but if I remember right, then it did work at Beta 4 with the new and improved Wifi drivers.

Trying to sum up the request:
In one case, you would want to rotate touch input 90 degrees, and in the other case you want to rotate display and input?

The screen rotation problem is documented here: #14510 (Screen rotation support) – Haiku
No progress on this as far as I know.

For touchscreens I think no one reported anything like that so far. Feel free to create a ticket on the bugtracker providing relevant info about the hardware (for example, if it’s an USB device, USB HID reports and output of listusb -v would be useful).

Yes. In Linux I can rotate the window and or the axes of the input device with provided software.

The final issue I have with my Atom 160 All In Onenis that the touch panel need calibrating and is in the wrong plane.

And before I test Haiku on the Pocket 1 and Pocket 2, I’m wondering if the screen can be rotated at all.

Even if the software doesn’t provide the interface, if there is not a user accessible hack yet, then there is no point trying until something is implemented.

It’s not a bug, as such. All my 8” class and smaller handheld computers with keyboards start off with their touch panels in portrait orientation in Linux and some with their screen rotated, too. it’s a case of using the xinput and xrandr commands plus a little bit of config file editing to get them aligned with the screen orientation.

I’ve managed it in OSs like Mint 18 and AntiX.

Even the bios screen in these devices is portrait.