A brief hystory of BeOS

This is to let everyone know the Hystory of our beloved OS.
I have taken it from a website. I dont remember which it was…
this is taken from a saved part of that page.

A Brief History

Jean-Louis Gassee and Steve Sakoman, both former Apple employees, formed Be, Inc in 1991. Shortly after, Benoit Shillings joined them and started designing and developing BeOS from scratch. In contrast with popular belief, BeOS kernel and OS design is not based on Unix. In the beggining, BeOS could run on a 7-proccessor machine using AT&Ts’ Hobbit CPU (1993). But, soon after, AT&T stopped developing this CPU, so Be took the decission to port the OS to Macintosh based machines (1995). However, BeOS never took off on PPCs, mostly because of the already relatively small PPC userbase, and because Apple was not that “kind” to Be… In March 1998, and while BeOS has reached Release 3, BeOS came to Intel x86 machines. With very limited hardware support, and even fewer software available, it was not well received by the consumers the first 6 months. But, this bunch of only 50 Be engineers, brought Release-4 on November 1998, which cleared up a lot of issues in the Intel platform. Release-4.5 came out on June 1999, and for the first time, someone could say that BeOS had come to age, adding a lot of hardware support, other OS specific improvements, and a lot of freely available software by third parties. On March 2000, BeOS 5 Personal Edition came out, for the first time BeOS is FREE, easier than ever to install (no partitioning required - it installs in an existing fat32/ntfs/ext2 partition through an easy Installer program) with more hardware compatibility than ever.

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