64 bit vs 32 bit

I downloaded a 64 bit and 32 bit image for use as a VM on Oracle Virtualbox I have a Core i5 processor with 4 other virtual operating systems running on installing the 64 bit image I got a kernel panic saying a 64 bit kernel needs a 64 bit CPU, the 32 bit image installed fine.

Is it a 64-bit version of Virtualbox?

I am wondering if VT-X or VT-D support is needed to boot 64 bit guest OS on 64 bit host OS. You could check if your CPU and motherboard supports them.

Btw do you have any other 64 bit OS working as a virtual machine?


Yes it is required.

The problem could also be that you’ve configured a 32 bit vm in Virtualbox. You’d have to select “Other (64 bit)” for 64bit Haiku.
While we’re at it: Please do yourself a favour and configure your virtual network interface as one of the Intel pro 1000 mt models. Saves you a lot of networking related hassle on Virtualbox.


This has to be it, because even my lowly Athlon II X2 manages to run 32 and 64 bit Haiku VMs on VirtualBox just fine (and, apparently, even better than even some Intel Xeons from the same year as my trusty Athlon).

In fact. I even use the same VBox VM to boot both either Haiku or Linux installs I have on my physical HDDs (so I can do both bare-metal and VM on the same install as needed). Works like a charm.

Also check if you have it disabled in your BIOS, sometimes there’s an option for that.


VT-X or VT-D are supported and enabled. Yes 4 others.