404 Error on Haiku-Inc Website

When accessing the donation documents page (https://www.haiku-inc.org/documents/donations) which is linked on the navigation toolbar under “Documents”, it leads to a 404 error. Could someone please look into this?


That is the “donation tracking” page, which has apparently still not been set up. If you are looking for the yearly financial reports, they are here: https://www.haiku-inc.org/documents/

Thanks, but I was just looking around the site in curiosity. Just wondering - what is the plan for the “donation tracking” page?

On the previous Haiku, Inc site it tracked PayPal donations by month and categorized them by one-time and subscription donations. I still track that data, just need to code up some HTML and JavaScript to display the data I track and get that data up somewhere as JSON.

I’ll see if I can do that this month.

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On that note, are there any ideas to have a logo for Haiku Inc? Maybe something based on the Haiku logo?

It used to have one based on the Desktop icon (because, you know, they do the paperwork): https://web.archive.org/web/20180221040113/http://www.haiku-inc.org/

That’s missing from the current version of the website, however.

I like the icon! Don’t know if someone still has the original vector file for that icon, but we could reuse that and perhaps make a new wordmark with the same font as the one used for Haiku’s logo.

Yes, the icon in hvif format is in the Haiku repository.

I also see that several pages on the old websites have never been migrated. Things like https://web.archive.org/web/20161127224126/http://haiku-inc.org/request-funds.html which would be nice to have (it explains the process to request funds for a development contract and other uses… why is that not on the website anymore?)

Or this one: https://web.archive.org/web/20161128120305/http://haiku-inc.org/funded-development.html with a list of past contracts, helping to see what Haiku inc does and how it helps with progress on Haiku.

Would it be possible for those pages to be migrated? Those sound like really good pieces of information which should be migrated and would help explain Haiku-Inc better to everyone.

I could try and play around with the logo (I’ve used Illustrator and Inkscape before), but I’m not much of a graphic designer so it might not look too good. :sweat_smile:

Just read that the Haiku logo is best used with Wonderbrush, and since I’m on a Windows machine it may be better for someone else to tinker with it if we’re basing the Haiku Inc logo off the Haiku logo.

The website is here: https://github.com/haiku/website-inc
It seems not too hard to edit it if you have some time to take care of it and send a merge request. Otherwise I’ll have a look…

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I’ve had a look at the repo, and to my surprise found the website uses Markdown for page content - although I’m not familiar with Hugo, so that might be why I’ve never seen such a system.

Unfortunately I don’t have a Github account not any knowledge on how Github works, so I think you might be best suited to working on that - my apologies (I know you’re very busy).

…just create github account… its free…
maybe just feel intimidating at first try… but don’t scare…
i’m sure you can do it…

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Thanks for the encouragement! I will try and have a look.

@kallisti5 made the new site, I think he just kind of did the minimum, we probably should try to restore some of those other pages.

Like I said I’ll try to get the donation tracking page going again, which is probably one of the more important “missing” pages.

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Yeah, quickly tossed it together over a weekend or two to replace the old static site.

For the 404 pages, the content isn’t really “missing” from the old site… we just never created it on the new site.

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Hi all,

After some encouragement from @mazbrili and help from @PulkoMandy I’m working on migrating the pages found on the Wayback Machine to the current site, as well as polishing the site (i.e. updating copyright notices etc.).

Noticed there are some open pull requests on the site repo - maybe someone could have a look at those and approve/deny them? (edit: actually, don’t worry about this - I’ve just checked and there aren’t any open pull requests).



Nobody have source code of previous site anymore?

Not sure, can’t find it on Github. I’ve been copy-pasting the text from the Wayback Machine and finding the links one by one (some are dead, some just need finding on the Haiku website). If anyone does have it please let us know!

Hi all, I’ve created a pull request: https://github.com/haiku/website-inc/pull/12

Apologies, regarding my earlier post about the Pull Requests, I meant that there are still some open issues: