3Dfx Voodoo support


I am curious if Haiku can fully support my 3Dfx Voodoo 5 5500 PCI card? I was told that there were BeOS R5 drivers for this card and that they are compatible with Haiku. Is this true?


I doubt it…

Most work is currently being put into the next generation mesa + gallium3d which will support modern video cards upto opengl 2+ and beyond

doesn’t the driver for the voodoo cards require glide3d?

Mesa 7.4.4 is the version currently in haiku which can still support glide I’m not sure if later versions do or will glide3d from the above link would still have to be ported to haiku

BeOS drivers may or may not work with Haiku. Something you’d have to test out yourself. You’d only get 2d support, no 3d acceleration ( would use OpenGL software driver ).

You shouldn’t let video card support stop you from trying out Haiku. Haiku has a fast VESA driver which supports all video cards out there. Everyone with newer video cards is using VESA video driver to run and use Haiku.

VESA is fallback driver when a video driver is not available for the video card.

Ok… I’m just going to use my Nvidia GeForce 6150 video chipset. Supposedly there is a 3rd party driver that works with that chip.


Haiku already has driver for Nvidia Geforce which supports upto 7950 model. You don’t need to use any 3rd party Nvidia driver.