3D kit for Haiku API?

Is there or will be there a 3D kit for the Haiku API?
Also, if my question doesn’t make sense or the answer has nothing to do the Haiku API, could you please explaine me¿¿ I’m pretty noob on this but I’d like to understand at least a bit ;p

Haiku has BGLView to display 3D graphics using OpenGL. You can use OpenGL calls inside BGLView::LockGL/UnlockGL.

Sample OpenGL application: https://github.com/X547/HaikuUtils/tree/master/OpenGLTest2.

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Oh thank you very much. The Haiku Logo demo also uses it or it uses something else?

Yes Haiku logo application Haiku3d (https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/src/apps/haiku3d) use BGLView. Note that BDirectWindow mentioned in some tutorials is obsolete and should be not used, use regular BWindow instead.

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Nice ^^
And why isn’t it in the Haiku Book? o.o
And what OpenGL version Haiku uses? ;o

Technically, Haiku currently uses OpenGL 4.5 API from Mesa 17.1.10. The current Haiku 3D driver provides OpenGL 3.3 visual context.