[3D graphics] D3D compatibility layer?

Since seems that Proton does mutch for Linux gaming, they claim to rely on some open projects on their homepage and I didn’t find any result about it in these forums, it could be interesting to check if DXVK can inspire the Haiku’s 3D graphics “evolution” in some way.

Hope that helps.

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Proton is basically a fork of Wine and some other stuff… basically re implementation of Windows APIs on top of Linux. For various reasons it’s a bit difficult to port any of that to Haiku. Possible but there are alot of roadblocks before anyone can even think about it much less resolve the technical issues.

First order of business for getting 3D anything is to get software Mesa opengl working on on an updated port (which is 99% done) and then move to getting the hardware drivers working from Linux in some way or other… that is probably like 0.5% done.

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It don’t help with hardware acceleration in Haiku because it is basically Direct3D implementation over Vulkan. Haiku also have no Vulkan yet.