3 questions

If you delete a file with rm instead of dragging the file into Trash, is it possible to undelete the file?

What is the difference between libnet.so and libnetwork.so? They seem to share a lot of POSIX network functions.

If you install a GCC2 hybrid nightly, and later install a GGC4 hybrid nightly, is it bad? :slight_smile:


I would say no… unless you want to image the partition and go at it with a file carver (which wouldn’t care what the fs is as long as it wasn’t fragmented i think) which would be quite ambitious… I don’t know if there are any file recovery tools for BFS


I don’t see any problem… how did you install? just dd it to the partition if so the old install should have been obliterated. If you mounted the image and copied it out from a separate installation of haiku/beos/zeta then I imagine there could be issues if you didn’t do it carefully making sure all the old files were gone