20th Anniversary Merchandise

For Haiku’s 20th Anniversary, we are investigating the possibility of special edition merchandise. We have found someone to partner with (which we will have more to announce about soon, once everything is set up), but would anyone be interested in purchasing merchandise (i.e. T-shirts, hoodies) with special 20th Anniversary designs?

Just a note, our merchandise partner is currently under a very big workload and thus the merchandise will arrive in September after our 20th Anniversary, which is in August.

  • Yes, please! I am interested in 20th Anniversary Merchandise!
  • No, I’m not interested.

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A Haiku 20th Anniversary Bucket Hat would be my choice!

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Unfortunately, I don’t think bucket hats are sold by the merchandise partner. They do offer caps, though.

Which countries will the delivery be available to? I would like to see Russia in the list of countries for delivery.

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Yeah, caps don’t work for me unfortunately.

I’ve done a few different custom bucket hats through www.customon.com - not cheap but I have been pleased with the results for the most part. Will it be possible to get the graphics file for the 20th Anniversary design? That way I can have a hat or 2 made that work for me.

Pretty sure there’s worldwide shipping.