2 Haiku Machines File Sharing

Is there a way to mount files from Haiku computer 1 at Haiku computer 2 (using R1 Alpha3).

I want to be able to play (and add to playlists) media files (e.g. using MediaPlayer or CL-Amp) from one Haiku box to another. I don’t think ftp will work for this or will it?


Use Poorman and move the music files to the html directory, then add the urls to CL-Amp’s play list.

Haiku has a netfs server in the repository. It is an optional package, but must be added at compile time. I have used it in the past and it can accomplish what you are looking for, but it is slow to browse in the Tracker and crashes the Tracker often. I believe this will eventually be included in standard Haiku builds, but it needs some polish first.

Thanks bbjimmy for the Poorman idea. This isn’t quite as convenient as a mounted network drive from which I could drag and drop the files into the playlist. With URLs I would have use CL-Amp’s “Add URL…” context menu.

AFP (MacFile Server) works on Haiku and I can play the files sitting on my Haiku machine on my MacBook. I think we need FUSE to work so I can call something like this from another Haiku machine.

mount -t afp afp://user:password@haikuFileServer_hostname_or_ip /mountPointOnLocalHaikuMachine

Any ideas about this?