10 years of GCI

As you may know, Google Code-In 2019 has recently ended, wrapping up the 10th iteration of the contest. GCI has been an integral part of Haiku, as it has been part of the contest every single year since it’s inception. Haiku and GCI has helped teens over the years learn C++, learn about Haiku and OS development, learn about open source, and make significant contributions to the Haiku project.

Did you know that Tipster, ResourceEdit and Weather were initially created and are being improved year over year by GCI participants?

But let’s not forget the mentors. Without the mentors that take hours and hours of their time to help and guide all the participants, none of this would be possible. Hats off to them! :slight_smile:

As a GCI participant this year, I really enjoyed the contest and definitely gained a lot from it. In fact, it was so superb that it’s hard to believe that 2 months ago I knew nothing about Haiku. I wrote a little blog post about my GCI experience - maybe you would be interested in reading it? Take a look!

Here’s to another 10 years of GCI, open source and Haiku!


Welcome to the Haiku forum, and I hope you will keep us updated on your journey with Haiku.

Thanks for participating and contributing this year @R4H33M! PS nice blogpost! :slight_smile:
EDIT, this goes for all GCI participants this year! :slight_smile: