I have been involved with Haiku on and off since about 2003, and have been a major part of Haiku, Inc since 2008. I manage the finances of Haiku, Inc, including receiving donation checks, tracking donations from various sources for the donation meter, preparing the yearly financial reports and filing the needed documents with the IRS. Most of our expenses are paid automatically but if anyone needs money for something supporting Haiku I also do what is needed to have Haiku, Inc provide the finances for that.

I used BeOS in college in 1999 and really fell in love with the system and when I heard about OpenBeOS, later renamed Haiku, I felt a need to get involved. Later when Haiku, Inc needed some help I offered to do some of the bookkeeping and financial work, and have so far stayed in that role as Treasurer in Haiku, Inc.

I am also a developer and have worked on various parts of Haiku, including the image viewer ShowImage, the file manager Tracker, some aspects of the Media Kit, parts of the package system and various other odds and ends. I got the first basic port of WebKit going for Haiku between late 2007 and 2009, though since then many other people have done a lot more work.

In 2012 I wrote an article about Haiku for IEEE Spectrum magazine, which provided a bit more exposure to the project. This article is also the reason why Haiku developer waddlesplash decided to check out the project, and he has since added a lot of valuable contributions to Haiku.

My goals related to Haiku in 2021 include doing a top-notch job as the financial manager of Haiku, Inc, including providing funding as needed to hire contractors to help move Haiku toward the R1 release. I wish to also start a regular habit of contributing code to Haiku, and using it more as my day-to-day system, which unfortunately is not something I am currently doing. I also wish to do all I can to improve the web browser experience on Haiku by getting back into working on WebKit and also improving the native browser WebPositive, as lack of a good, fast browser is one of the main impediments to my using Haiku as a daily driver (and I know I am not alone in that.)