Zstd compression build

Dear folks

i see from haikusource … i see that haiku seem (support?) zstd compression … that i see from other linux forum (porteus) it have great decompression speed… so the question is did that zstd ready to test? …if that so i want to try to build with this new compression method

It is not enabled by default because only x86_64 supports it at present, and the bootloader does not either, so the system cannot be built using it just yet. I have it on my TODO list to fix, and was working on that before I got sidetracked, as usual, on other related issues at HaikuPorts.

Once I finish the changes I have queued in various ways (currently: bootloader syslog fixes, WIP USB KDL fixes, HaikuPorter debug/release build type checking, unit tests for some recent changes I made), I will work on this. That may take till next month, though.


thank you for your complete explanation @waddlesplash. :+1: :+1: :+1: