Zotac Zbox Boot Problem

Background: I bought a Zotac Zbox a few months ago and installed Ubuntu. It’s been working pretty well, but I don’t like the direction Canonical is heading. It might be the right direction for them, but I don’t like it. Then I heard that Be was back, and that Roland was using it, and I thought this could be just the ticket.

Problem: I can’t boot from the optical disk OR from a USB stick. I booted from a CD when I installed Ubuntu, but now it won’t. Zotac Support has not helped.

Background #2: I wanted a machine that was ready to go. I have done my share of screwing together computers, and I am not interested in doing that anymore, at least not for this project. The machine came with 250GB hard drive and 2GB of RAM. It’s the new style with brushed metal cover and the built-in optical drive.

Has anybody run into this problem? Were you able to solve it, or did you just throw your Zbox in the trash? I’ve found all kinds of comments around this problem, but none close enough to help.