Zoom button functionality

Hello All,

First of all thanks for all your work on Haiku and getting it this far - Ive been waiting for this release since the first alpha.

However I have some comments about the zoom button.

From the ‘apps’ folder:

Tracker: When I click the zoom button it changes between two sizes but doesnt maximize. (one seems random the other fits to contents) - can one not maximize?

Webpostitive/Wonderbrush: The zoom button displays the application fullscreen - I think most people agree that this is not ideal.

Pe/BePDF: These maximize as expected

  • The double click and right click on the yellow tab i can get used to - its not wrong; just different and perhaps better because it gets rid of a couple of buttons.

  • However I cant imagine that anyone thinks having three different possible actions for the zoom button is a good thing.

I know this is in the suggestion box but I have no suggestion other than that zoom should maximize and never do fullscreen

As for tracker I dont like it and would prefer to cycle between maximize and fit to contents. Is there an option to change this behaviour?

Once again thanks for all your work - im really enjoysing trying something truly different.

This has come up in the mailing list and I think it is still being debated by the developers.

I’ll reply here again when there is an outcome.