ZevenOS & Haiku-DD-Installer


I sent you a PM. There is some issue for sure as I tried many times to join. :sunglasses:


Well, I honestly believe that helping is mutch more effective than arguing.

For example I have actively promoted ReactOS in the past, so best approach is the exchange between projects, IMHO.

Have someone tried to mail their team to ask if they know about Haiku ?
There could be some surprises…

Something that i barelly agree could be the “distroing approach”, but i do also agree that the Linux one is inefficent; I would exploit the projects’ differences as resources: this could attract even more users one day (and what about TiltOS, for example ? http://tiltos.com/drupal/).

Syllable has a server version too: http://web.syllable.org/Linux/

We could have it (“just” by signing a collaboration agreement with the ZevenOS’ team) without move a finger: two different projects (with different teams) but with a “privileged exchange channel”… from themes to drivers… I don’t know. (of course LINKS - maybe banners - on respective websites… cross promotion, you know)

Another example is the websites functionality: if this is a meritocracy OS, i believe we should have an integrated bounty system (as we already have the CIA.VC on the home): http://haikuware.com/bounties/

Even better: the b.s. should be integrated in the tracker !!!

I mean that there is mutch to do, helping is mutch more effective than arguing !

Thats a link to a story on OS news. Not a zip file that I can install. I’m aware of “Gutenprint” but a search of the traditional repository of apps & drivers for Haiku, the Haikuware website gives no joy. So unless theres a pre-built package thats as easy to install as the typical BeOS app (no compile, no make) I’ll be doing without printer support.

Seems a couple posts I had double-posted. Sorry. :sunglasses: I had sent one at 6:45pm and typed a message and it said it did not send so then I sent the shorter one saying the same thing in less words. .

I will check out and see if I can log on now and then ask in your forums what the this ZevenOS Haiku-DD-Installer is all about since I don’t think I ever got that answer here . I found it interesting that it appeared to install Haiku but within ZevenOS or something. I still think it makes for a good discusion here since it is Haiku being install on Zeven but I will ask over in the Zeven forums if I can log on now. hehehe


Gutenprint is in Haiku itself. Can’t recall what revision it was added to Haiku but after Alpha2. Use a recent nightly and you’ll have it. Or check your Haiku first.

Preferences->Printers. Click [ADD] button. Select GutenPrint for the Printer Type.

I have not tested printing in Haiku so something you will have to try. I think your printer has to be attached & on.

PS should avoid going off-topic and doing new thread for posts like these

Re:gutenprint. Ah, well that explains it. I’m still playing with Alpha 1 R1. Nice to know that Haiku included printing support with the recent R2 version. Thanks for the heads up, tonestone.

Not in Alpha 2 either but will be in Alpha 3 release. Was added to Haiku after Alpha 2 in one of the nightly images.

Below is the last fix for GutenPrint. So, any Haiku version from 39423 will have GutenPrint final as part of it.

The forum is activly maintained and registration works perfectly. If you encounter problems please e-mail us.
To be clear no e-mail was received from you yet. I also checked back the spam folder which does not show anything. So where did you send the mail to ?[/quote]

Just tried again at 6:46PM PST. Used macsociety as my login name to register. After registering I received this message

“Thank you for registering on Forums, macsociety.
To complete your registration, please check your email for account activation instructions. Until you activate your account you may not be able to post on these forums”

So, as of now, still no email with activation information. Most forums it is instant. Past attempts, guess what, never receive this email to activate my account. Appears to be doing the same again, 3rd time trying to register.

So, what is going on?


Leszek, just tried again at 6:45PM PST.

After registering, never get activation email.

So, why not?


Just sent an email to you at leszek@zevenos.com requesting info on why my registration is failing. Lets see if you get this one or not. Let me know when and how I can join as your auto joining is not working. tj

[quote=macsociety]Leszek, just tried again at 6:45PM PST.

After registering, never get activation email.

So, why not?


Eventually it was recognized as spam and put into your spam folder.
If not then please tell me your nickname I can activate yout account from here. (Btw. I also answered your mail. I think we should not ‘spam’ the haiku forum on this topic)

PS: Ok found your nick and activated it and also send you an mail through the forum system. Let me know if you get the mail.

I downloaded one of the nightlies and burned it to cd, then installed it on USB thumbdrive. I notice theres a lot of missing libraries and apps! No NetPositive? Looks like it supported the wireless card in the laptop though. I thought I could use the apps I’d already installed since I just installed the nightly over the previous version (R1 A2). But even those apps complained about missing libs. Is Haiku going in some sort of “dependency hell” direction ala Linux?

"Is Haiku going in some sort of “dependency hell” direction ala Linux?"
YES! Some libraries were updated to newer versions like SSL but many applications are compiled with older versions of the libraries.

Applications that come with Haiku were updated to use the newer libraries but older (3rd party provided) applications have not.

Nightly images include the very basic applications that are part of Haiku. Only Alphas provide couple of extra applications.

Use installoptionalpackage to re-install some of the software like WebPositive.

Well, I am on the ZevenOS forums now, just an an FYI. Downloading and will give ZevenOS 3 a try. I am a bit bummed I don’t have a fully working Haiku install as I get no sound on the Mac Mini so at this point I can’t and don’t use Haiku. 8-( Tried on my two Mac intel based systems and no go so I will try Zeven for the sake of it. Maybe I will stumble into same issue.

I sure wish I had a Haiku system as I would use it daily but can’t see trying puzzle together a computer just to run an OS. Too much guessing and hoping for me. I said it before and I will say it again, bring back a BeBox but for Haiku. hehehe


Nightly images include the very basic applications that are part of Haiku. Only Alphas provide couple of extra applications.

Use installoptionalpackage to re-install some of the software like WebPositive.

Well I didnt know about a builtin package manager so I re-installed R1 A2 on my usb drive and then booted the nightly and used the video drivers (which work flawlessly) to replace the ones on the USB drive. I’m trying to figure out how to get all the right drivers for the audio in the right places as that “HD AUDIO” worked as well. Also the wireless worked. Only I’d have to change my AP to broadcast …and its my version of “security”. Any hints as to what folders to cut & paste to get audio set would be appreciated. Odd thing; I was using A1 R2 for months and then it suddenly wouldnt boot past the CPU icon. I guess USB flash drives get corrupted easily.

I finally figured out package management. Trying to patch up the audio on R1 A2 failed so I put the nightly on another USB stick and learned how to do ‘installoptionalpackage’ in terminal. Got WebPositive and am now using it to post this. Computer is HP Pavillion dv6433cl notebook and everything works. YAY.

I know this is an old thread,but I was wondering if it would be possible to port or install the changes in ZevenOS to a newer Linux version? I currently use Devuan but using it is not so user friendly. DevuanI consider moderately easy to use but I find other distributions are worse.

ZevenOS has been discontinued and even if you could somehow make it’s software work on a more modern OS,the ZevenOS components will still be hopelessly outdated and probably not useful anymore.
Also,I seriously doubt that ZevenOS can make Linux somehow usable,that would have been the first project to accomplish that,actually.

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I actually plan to use it for my own use. If it’s good,then I can make it public for others to use,if it helps them.