ZETA CD hangs at boot

I DLed a torrent copy of magnussoft ZETA 1.21. I wanted to install it on my Dell B110, has a PCI nvidia 5200FX installed, but it works with VESA in case of no driver. I use a wireless mouse and keyboard, and I booted the Cd i burned from this image onto a Cd-rw, that was full erased. i get past the start lights, then the hand cursor comes up, immovable, with the blue screen. I DLed it from TPB, so it could be the image, but does anybody have this issue?

Please, do not discuss illegally downloaded software at haiku-os.org.

and http://www.zeta-os.com would be better for Zeta related things :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m sorry, touchy subject i guess. Well i need not be told twice, just if anyone has anything to help me with or to say disregarding my means of acquiring it, I’m all ears. and regarding the last post, I was unaware, and thought since haiku is pretty similar to ZETA, which is BeOS rebranded amd updated, i thought someone may be able to help me…

You should try BeOSMax … it isn’t as new but it runs fine on my sempron with a via chipset