Youtube prob?

I have installed Haiku onto a USB stick. I have in the past successfully installed onto a USB stick, this time however the Boot option didn’t appear,( also the install was very quick unlike in the past ). To get around the boot prob I left the install disk in the OD and used that as my boot and then the USB kicked in.
I got rid of Google and replaced it with Ixquick, I then imported my Firefox bookmarks as HTML to my Desktop and then click on that and Webpositive boots up along with my bookmarks.
I now have one small prob re-youtube. The Youtube page appears with all the Favourites/photos but there are no lines of type ala address bar etc, so I cannot type in my requirements.( I hope you understand what I mean ).
Does anyone know a cure for this, please?

Worked a treat, many thanks.


Sadly this is a bug in Webpositive…

I just move the cursor over where the Inputfield should be… then the cursor turns into a Textcursor
I klick enter my request and press enter…

This works most of the time … but its far from elegant :slight_smile: