Yet another UEFI boot problem


I’d like to try running Haiku on a HP x2 210 netbook/tablet hybrid. It has got UEFI without a possibility to enable legacy mode (at least I didn’t find it).

So I read the Haiku UEFI guide and prepared a USB stick with the required partition layout (efi boot partition with fat32 and a bfs partition for Haiku). I copied the efi bootloader with it’s directory structure to the boot partion and installed Haiku to the bfs partition. (i did the installation in a VM on my Linux machine, using USB passthrough.

I then tried booting the HP netbook with the USB stick. I could select it in the UEFI boot menu and got to the Haiku boot loader. It lists the Haiku partition as currently selected. But the “continue booting” is greyed out.

Does anybody have an idea what I could be doing wrong or how to resolve it.


Have you tried “select boot volume”? does anything show up there?


Yes I did. The “Haiku” entry (the BFS partition is named like that) shows up. When I go 1 level back in the menu the “continue booting” option is active. When I select it the option becomes inactive again. Nothing else happens.

I’m not sure if I set the BFS partition to “active”. Does that even matter to UEFI?