XiXMusicPlayer Source compiles under Haiku

I’ve made the necessary changes to let XiXMusicPlayer (Source: https://sourceforge.net/projects/xixmusicplayer) compile under Lazarus Haiku. I’ve also added some Haiku functionality like Tagging ID3 from BeFS File-attributes, or add File-attritibutes from ID3-Tags (see screenshot).
For Linux, Windows and MacOS I use the BASS libraries, but these are not available in Haiku. I was thinking about using UOS (https://wiki.freepascal.org/uos) but this uses Portaudio (does not compile for Haiku 64 bit) or Libsndplay (does not do audio output in Haiku), so for the moment that doesn’t work.
If someone can help me out in getting media support (playing mediafiles in lazarus), you can download the source at https://sourceforge.net/projects/xixmusicplayer/
Don’t expect much of the source, its coded in free time as a hobby, and it does what I wanted.
Any help is appreciated.

Needed to compile:
Lazarus & Freepascal

Needed for full functionality:
Lame, Flac, Opus, Ogg (If you want to encode ripped tracks)
cdrtools, mplayer (If you want to rip CD/DVD)



Added a HPKG binary package for testing (only 64bit): https://sourceforge.net/projects/xixmusicplayer/files/Haiku/XiXMusicPlayer.hpkg/download

Remember: Playing songs does not yet work

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Since seeems that you’re able to build for Haiku, what about building the cross-platform native DSD and low latency playback music player called XAMP 2 ?

Libs involved should be:

  • Taglib
  • BASS
  • FFmpeg
  • Qt5
  • FastMemcpy
  • spdlog

Hope that inspires !

Atleast 2 deppendencies are not in haikuports: BASS and FastMemcpy (with a quick search)

@Begasus You do not need BASS and FastMemcpy to build XiXMusicPlayer under Haiku. Alas, you do not have any playback yet.
So the program can be build using Lazarus for Haiku, but to become fully functional a playback engine has to be added.
I have not have the time yet to find out which library could be used and how to implement it. But as it is now, people with lazarus an haiku experience can experiment and try to add an engine for playback themselves.

@forart.it The whole point of this project being ‘haikufied’ is removing the dependance from BASS and adding an other sound engine, so everything depending on BASS can not be ported while keeping BASS as the sound library. Would be nice to have BASS for Haiku.

@zittergie After your reply I remembered your post on FB :slight_smile: (and the problem with audio) Great job anyway! Keep it up! :slight_smile: