Xi3 would be cool little Be/Haiku Box

Never even saw this product back last year when it was introduced. Just won CES award for something. An ultra small modular computer called Xi3. Very sleek looking and has up to a Athlon II 64 2.2GHz chip inside. Would digg and wonder of Haiku would work on something like this. Since Haiku is a little bit different, would be cool to have a HaikuBox like this little demon.


Really digging the small footprint and sleek looks.


This does look very nice.

I love the idea of obsoleting obsolescence.

It looks like a hi-end amplifier… :wink:
Doesnt remind a computer or a bebox… But nice…

What kind of odds do I have here that Haiku will run on the Xi3?


[quote=macsociety]What kind of odds do I have here that Haiku will run on the Xi3?


50/50 my wifes computer will not boot with that chipset. It has interupt issues. she has a 780g based am2 machine.

Hmmm, not sure I would want to chance it then. Bummer.


Haiku runs decent on my e-machine ET1352G. AMD cpu. That box looks good, but the price.
I paid for mine $400 with 4g men and 700G hd. To match that, it will cost me more that thousand of dollars for that little cube.