X86_64 build fails

I keep getting failed builds.

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I hope the nightlies get fixed indeed :wink:


I already fixed the problem displayed in that log some time ago in this commit. (If you are building older commits or the beta3 branch, you may need to either apply it manually or build the host tools with -O0 instead of -O2 with newer versions of GCC.)

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Yeah. I moved from b3 to nightly and it went away. Isn’t this something we would want patched in b3 so that newcomers wanting to try the beta build can build haiku without pulling their hair out? I don’t know what is involved in building update packages for the release vs nightlies. I just found this while testing B3 since I’d been gone awhile. Seems like everytime I go to test a beta (b1,b2,b3), by the time I get to it, it can no longer build the latest haiku and the standard fix is to upgrade to nightly.

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Unfortunately the problem this time is an incompatibility with the newer GCC, and the problem is in the build libraries which have to be built with the host tools so we can’t even rely on cross-tools here. There isn’t a whole lot we can do about this one; though if people still need to make builds of beta3 we could apply the patch(es) there…

Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like a very low priority thing. One other tangential question, is there any talk about removing the requirement for crosstools on x86_64 for R1? I get it for beta stage. What’s the quick take on what is involved there?

The crosstools are needed on x86_64 because they have to be able to produce 32-bit binaries.

Removing the necessity for them is pretty low-priority considering we make all “official” builds with the cross-tools anyway.

Using the cross-tools is the recommended way to build Haiku even from Haiku. This makes it a lot easier for us to handle changes to the buildtools and things like that.

As waddlesplash says, building with “native” tools would require these tools to have 32bit support enabled. That should be possible, and would bring the haikuports recipe and build-cross-tools toolchains closer together, which would be nice, I guess. Help welcome in fixing that problem :slight_smile:

Is it time for a beta4 yet?


Probably, but we still have some blocker issues remaining that I’ve slowly been chipping away at, so there’s still work to be done.


It’s amazing how far Haiku has come so far. I remember when the code base consisted of OpenTracker and not much else.

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