X86-64 available?

Before I begin, I am aware that the download from the Haiku website is a 32-bit version. However, if you follow xyzzy, then you’ll know that he has done much work porting Haiku from x86 to x86-64. I don’t have the experience to build a full working version of Haiku in a 64-bit environment. So, with all of that said, does anyone know if there is a downloadable .iso file with 64-bit Haiku.

Also, if no such file exists, how much longer for a 64-bit version of Haiku and how important is it to the Haiku developing team?

Thanks so much!


AFAIK this is the latest version currently available: http://alex-smith.me.uk/files/haiku-x86_64-anyboot-20120912.tar.xz

https://github.com/xyzzy51/haiku/tree/x86_64 branch is planned to be merged right after Alpha 4 release.

I think an even more important question would be to ask if there are any 86-64 programs out there for Haiku? Last I checked, under Win, OSX and even Linux, not too many apps took full advantage of that, unless you have a raging server farm handling 3d manipulations.

It’s just really tricky to install a 32-bit OS on 64-bit hardware… unless the BIOS is compatible…

el.tigre: I don’t this is true. Can you provide an example of 64-bit only hardware?

Very funny, it works just fine on the latest AMD and Intel x64 CPUs.