Write Permissions to system/app Folder


I have installed Quake 2 but need to place the game files into the base folder in order to get it to work. The “base” folder only has read permissions. I tried to mv the files using su, but it asked for a password. I used passwd and changed the password, but su still insists that the password is wrong.


System folders are read only and unchangeable. Even with su. Research where it searching for the gamedata, for your info: it can use more than one folder. It must be some folder in the home/config folder.


Good to know, thank you, got it running!


Create a quäle folder Unser /boit/hone/config and link move here all files who need to be writeable. Then do a simbolic link to the quäle folder. If you create then a hpkg of it you can play and write the needed files.