WPA2 Enterprise

WPA support on haiku seems to work great. And everything is slowly coming together to allow me to use haiku as my day to day OS for coding and web browsing.

But at my uni I need WPA2 enterprise support for connecting to the wireless network. I’d use a cable, but my ethernet (marvell_yukon) doesn’t really seem to work at all.

Is there some way of connecting to WPA2 enterprise networks with haiku?

If WPA works for you then WPA2 will also work…

It can be that you don’t have wpa_supplicant

and need to install it.

You have to run this command inside Terminal:
installoptionalpackage wpa_supplicant

Thanks, but I need enterprise though, which is different.

It means that when you try to connect to a network you are asked to provide a username and password to authenticate with a server, instead of just asked for a pre-shared key to connect to a wireless router (i.e. normal way of connecting to WPA/WPA2 networks).

WPA enterprise is used at large businesses, universities etc, where you must have a login to access the network instead of just giving everyone the network key (insecure).

ah ok…

While wpa_supplicant, which is at work behind Haiku wireless authentification and secure link, is perfectly able to do WPA2 “entreprise”, its current Haiku integration don’t yet.
To make it this situation move: 1) please file a enhancement ticket on our Trac bugtracker and 2) meanwhile maybe it’s possible to pass the necessary parameters to wpa_supplicant using a wpa_supplicant.conf config file, but for that one will need first to patch wpa_supplicant haiku port to support a config file…

Yeah I figured this was the case.

I have submitted a trac ticket for it.

I am currently trying to use Haiku as the main OS on my laptop. The main thing missing is being able to connect to WPA2 Enterprise… There hasn’t been an update on this for a while. I was wondering, is there some way to configure it without the GUI (which doesn’t support the user name field yet)? Thanks.

WiFi WPA2 Personal - work fine - hrev48060


Hi kim1963,
I am trying to connect to “WPA2 Enterprise”, which is different from WPA2. Besides a password it also requires a username when connecting, which is currently not supported in the network prefs. Cheers.

Some work has been done on this which is great, but it isn’t finished unfortunately. See here: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/8850

Any progress on this, or at least a tutorial how to set up the wpa_supplicant config file? I’ve always been fascinated with BeOS, finally got around to dusting off an old laptop for Haiku. Wifi driver works, but my university requires wpa2-enterprise.

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Use a cheap, second hand android phone and tether it via USB.

Hi wilsonjwcsu,

It’s probably easiest to comment on the linked ticket.
That way involved developers will get an email notification about your comment.


Thanks nephele, and thanks also for picking up on the dev ticket!